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亚愽游戏app平台|【观察】中锋盛世降临?莱万苏神引领足坛新风潮 9号位再成主角
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When Messi made the news of leaving the team, everyone thought that the whole theme of the summer of 2020 was the Barcelona flag. However, when the scandal retreated, the football world showed a different situation: the UEFA annual best selection over the past 10 years For the first time there was no "Mero" in the top three, and Polish Lewandade became the most popular; Juventus, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona had another series of "chain deals". Morata and Suarez changed their doors one after another, which instantly became hot The transfer market.


Such a scene can be extracted from a key word: center. The position that began to "recover" from the World Cup two years ago seems to be the protagonist again this year.


Give awards to the center, throw money for the center


It must be said that if you find that the center is popular now, it is already an afterthought. Don’t you see the popular figures on the field this year, many of the active targets in the transfer market are pure attackers? Needless to say, Lewandowski, who has already won the Champions League trophy. As the "first center in the world", although the Poles cannot compete for the temporarily cancelled Golden Globes this year due to the impact of the epidemic, there must be no big problem in overwhelming Melo for the first place in European football. This is not about team honor.


Turning his attention to young talents, the center is also the leader among them. In the 2019-20 season, is there a teenager who can rise like a rocket like Harland? The first half was a blockbuster in the Champions League and repeated hat tricks at the Salzburg Red Bull; the second half came to the Bundesliga but seamless access, 15 rounds and 13 goals showed killer qualities. And seeing the 20-year-old Norwegian so majestic, I believe that many people have flashed a sentence in their minds: "The future is yours soon."


Since the center in the stadium is sharp, there will naturally be strong demand in the transfer window. The big move between Morata and Suarez is the latest case. But don't think that only the rich teams can toss the hot goods. The "rich challengers" and the mid-lower teams that want to fight for survival are more "honest" when they spend money-they choose the most valuable position. For example, Leipzig, after releasing Werner, finally made up the 1.94-meter Norwegian Solov after nearly three months. This can be said to be a counterpoint supplement, but it can also be said that it is not, because the German walking is not a true center in terms of characteristics.

由于体育馆的中心非常尖锐,因此转会窗口自然会有强烈的需求。莫拉塔(Morata)和苏亚雷斯(Suarez)之间的重大动作是最新情况。但是不要以为只有富裕的团队才能扔热货。想要为生存而战的“富有挑战者”和中低端团队在花钱时会更加“诚实”,他们会选择最有价值的职位。例如,莱比锡(Leipzig)在释放维尔纳(Werner)之后,在将近三个月的时间里终于组成了1.94米的挪威索洛夫(Norwegian Solov)。可以说这是对位的补充,但也可以说不是,因为在特性方面德国人的步亚愽游戏app平台行并不是真正的中心。

And in Naples, the boss who has always been considered very stingy suddenly took out 70 million euros (another 10 million euros in additional money) to buy Nigerian Osmeen. Does this feel a little bit evil? But let's not talk about whether it is expensive or not, the money that was thrown out is quickly heard. The former Lille center made two hat tricks as soon as he appeared in the warm-up match, showing that he is a fierce killer. In the first round of Serie A, he came off the bench and immediately used his own impact to bring a new style to Naples, who only loved the "little spirit" in the past.


In the Premier League, Chelsea’s £200 million throw attracted too much attention, making it easy to overlook the “struggle” of small and medium teams this summer. Even in this year when the football economy was severely damaged by the epidemic, many of them broke their own single signing record, and they bought centers. For example, the newly promoted Leeds United, returning to the Premier League after 16 years, their first gift to the fans was to buy Rodrigo from Valencia La Liga at a cost of 27 million pounds.

在英超联赛中,切尔西2亿英镑的罚球吸引了太多的注意力,这很容易忽略了今年夏天中小型球队的“挣扎”。即使在足球经济因流行病严重受损的这一年,他们中的许多人也打破了自己的单次签约记录,并购买了中锋。例如,新晋升的利兹联(Leeds United)在16年后重返英超,他们送给球迷的第一笔礼物是以2700万英镑的价格从巴伦西亚西甲(Valencia La Liga)购买罗德里戈(Rodrigo)。

Last season's promotion, Villa, ranked 17th in thrilling relegation, also completed a transaction worth 28 million pounds in early September, dug the middle of the "Hornet Trident" from the British championship Brentford. Although Watkins, the 24-year-old England center, is not well-known today, he was the Official Player of the Year in the British Championship last season. He scored 25 times in 46 league games and ranked second in the scorer list.


There is also the seventh Wolves in the Premier League last season. After buying Semedo at a price of about 27.5 million pounds (with an additional payment of 9.2 million pounds), you may be amazed by their "poaching" Barcelona, ​​but in reality The team's record-breaking signing this summer is Fabio Silva, a young center player worth 35 million pounds from the Portuguese Super League Porto. What’s interesting is that the Wolves team also has the Mexican center Raul Jimenez, who was popular in the Premier League last season, who sold Jota, who has the attributes of a winger. This operation cannot help but make people guess that the team is not simple. "One for one" is a long-term consideration for preparing to create greater value.

上赛季英超还有第七只狼。在以约2750万英镑的价格购买Semedo(并额外支付920万英镑)后,您可能会为他们的``偷猎''巴塞罗那而感到惊讶,但实际上,这个夏天球队创纪录的签约是法比奥·席尔瓦(Fabio Silva),来自葡萄牙超级联赛波尔图的身价3500万英镑的年轻中锋。有趣的是,森林狼队还拥有墨西哥中锋劳尔亚愽游戏app平台·希门尼斯(Raul Jimenez),后者在上赛季的英超联赛中广受欢迎,并卖掉了拥有边锋属性的乔塔(Jota)。此操作不免让人猜测团队并不简单。 “一对一”是准备创造更大价值的长期考虑。

Center rebounds, center loses gear


Since Melo dominated football, the "frontcourt free man" who likes to attack from the side has become a hot object in the circle. In addition, a group of coaches headed by Guardiola set off a wave of pass control. The original center forwards who were hard on the opponent's defense and must be the core of the attack have become the green leaves or even vassals of the frontcourt in many cases. However, since the World Cup in Russia, the recovery momentum of this position is quite obvious. Two years ago, not only Kane and Lukaku slammed their data, but also a traditional tall center like Juba once made people shine. And now Lewand and Harland are in the limelight. The tall forwards in the transfer market are also very popular. The position of the center can be said to continue to be bullish.


However, note that although from the current situation, the importance of the teams to the center is definitely not low, but it is a bit premature to say that the centers are strong enough to completely change the situation. In the case of Suarez and Morata's transfer, the reason why the two transferred is not only because of the appreciation of the new owner, but also because of the dislike of the old owner. Although the 33-year-old Suarez scored twice immediately after joining Atletico Madrid, don't forget that he was still the subject of cleaning a few days ago. Because it didn't work well in the first few years after coming to La Liga, Barcelona, ​​which needs to save money for blood exchange, has been rushing people. And Atletico coach Simeone did not consider how long he agreed to send away Morata, who had spent the club's 58 million pounds a year ago. The reason must include that the latter only scored 12 goals in the entire season.


It is also worth mentioning that Juventus had terminated the contract with the 32-year-old center Higuain before "accidentally" got the opportunity to loan Morata. The replacement candidates considered by the Bianconeri, except for Suarez, who failed to get an EU passport immediately, is Dzeko, who is 34 years old. It is said that Dzeko failed to go to Juventus because Roma has been unable to reach agreement with Naples on the transfer of Milik.


This series of rumors and actual transactions reflects that the center is naturally sought after. However, the repeated appearance of many old faces makes people feel that there is a gap in this position: Is there no more trustworthy Mesozoic to choose from, except for the old Lianpo over 30? Don't forget that Lewand is also 32 years old, while Harland is only 20 years old. There is a long distance between the two. Of course, the 27-year-old Morata must be considered the Mesozoic in age, but his actual level has a tendency to not advance and retreat, and is basically still in the stage of "not trained". And the centers like Kane and Lukaku who became famous very early and are now in their years as centers, generally speaking, still haven't met the expectations of the year. Among them, the English have been dragged down by heavy load operations for years. Although the current data is not bad, the limelight has been caught up by Sun Xingmin. As for the Belgian center who switched to Serie A, he still hasn't gotten rid of the slanderous name of "cooking expert".


Another example is Wolves center Jimenez, who has been valued by the British media since last season. He was only 29 years old until he was really close to top-notch. It is a pity that this is a late comer. However, with the current trend changes, the center forwards still have hope. The aforementioned Ossimen and Fabio Silva are all standard young talents, and the latter is only 18 years old. In addition, isn't the brightest attacker in the Premier League this season also a young center? Although Lewin, born in 1997, played on the wing in his early years, he has now settled down as a high center forward and concentrated on eating pie. He has scored 5 goals in 3 league rounds.

另一个例子是狼队中锋希门尼斯,自上赛季以来一直受到英国媒体的重视。他只有29岁,直到他真的接近顶尖。很可惜,这是后来者。但是,随着当前趋势的变化,中锋仍然有希望。前面提到的Ossimen和Fabio Silva都是标准的年轻人才,而后者只有18岁。另外,本赛季英超联赛中最聪明的进攻者不是一个年轻的中锋吗?尽管勒温(Lewin)出生于1997年,早年曾在侧翼比赛,但现在他已经定居为中锋,并专注于吃馅饼。他在3轮联赛中打进5球。

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Looking at the height of 1.87 meters and the amazing jumping ability of Everton shooters, the ball is sent into the opponent's net again and again. Isn't this just the power and charm that the center player should have on the court? I hope there will be more to come.




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